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I did not even know they existed until someone pointed them out to me then I saw them on many street corners and dark side streets. They do not advertise themselves.

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I did not even know they existed until someone pointed them out to me then I saw them on many street corners and dark side streets. They do not advertise themselves.

Their windows, if they have windows, are dark and their front doors always closed tight. Those that have yo parks have them hidden round the back or underground. They are not hotels, neither are they brothels. Some are cheap and somewhat seedy.

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Others are used by film stars and politicians and boast every luxury imaginable. But telos have only one purpose to provide a safe, comfortable place in which to have sex. Macho men and virtuous virgins Argentinians in general Argfntina a complicated attitude to sex. Santa Evita: slept her way to the top?

Girl in Argentina want to fuck

There are few places where men strive to be more macho. Machismo is fjck in the culture of the virile gaucho or cowboy riding the pampas on his horse, or the well-dressed city slickers who are the subject of so many sad tango songs.

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That machismo is often measured by the of sexual conquests a man can notch up Yet Argentine women are supposed to be as virtuous as their mothers, to emulate the Virgin Mary. But she is said by her enemies to have been a woman of loose morals who slept her way to the top.

Girl in Argentina want to fuck

There are therefore many affairs. But people cheating on their spouses are not the only ones to frequent telos. Most people do not leave home until they marry so the telo again provides a more private refuge than the local parks.

These tend anyway to be littered with kissing couples at any time of t day or night. They provide a secluded hideaway for gay lovers in a still homophobic society. And telos are ideal for married couples who crave a little intimacy, away from boisterous children and perhaps a prying mother-in-law. Case study No-one ever admits to using telos so I shall have to relate the experiences of a friend of mine.

They squeezed into her parents' already overcrowded apartment but desperately needed some privacy to celebrate their wedding anniversary. With the grandparents willing to babysit, they said they would go out for a meal.

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Conveniently a telo was situated on their way to the restaurant and with a quick glance over their shoulders to check no-one they knew was passing by, they darted through the front door. The receptionist was barely visible behind a smoky pane of glass.

Girl in Argentina want to fuck

I, I mean my friend, was too embarrassed to ask what customers got for the extra money and went for the thirty dollar option. Cash only no potentially incriminating credit cards.

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Discretion at waant costs The room was clean and plush, the en suite shower Glrl a window that looked out into the bedroom. The bed was large and the seats soft and furry. Find dating sites packet of condoms, bearing the telo's logo and extolling the virtues of safe sex, lie by the bed. On the way out, a chance encounter with another departing couple.

Sheepish grins but no eye contact. Spoiling the fun Many telos try to portray themselves as respectable. But by their very nature they will always carry with them an air of seediness and perhaps even danger.

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Or maybe that's just because I have an uptight, British attitude towards these kind of things. Okay, I'll come clean, although you've probably already guessed by now, it was my wife and I who went to the telo, not our friends. But when, in a moment of candour, we told the family where we'd been they merely shrugged and said: "Yes, we knew. Created: November 19,