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Close-up of a painted candle. Also not good because the paint or outer coating can catch fire and drip, while still burning, on your partner The safest sort of candle to use for wax play is one which llay the same colour all the way through and which is completely undecorated. The candle shown in figure 3 is a good example.

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Close-up of a painted candle. Also not good because the paint or outer coating can catch fire and drip, while still burning, on your partner The safest sort of candle to use for wax play is one which is the same colour all the way through and which is completely undecorated. The candle shown in figure 3 is a good example. These candle will burn at the same temperature from top to bottom.

Candle wax play

Using candles which are decorated, or which are not the same colour all the way through are poor choices for wax play because the temperature Cndle the wax they produces varies, often quite ificantly. This makes it quite easy to accidentally burn your partner. Figure 4 shows a type of candle which is found in many family homes. These are candles used on birthday cakes. As you can see, each candle is a different colour and will probably burn at a different temperature than the other candles.

They are also quite short and thin and will not last long. Figure 5 shows a very artistic and well-executed candle. It is completely unsuitable for wax play.

Paraffin, Not Beeswax.

Apart from messing up a pretty candle, the candle that it's shiny indicates that it is lacquered or has some other protective coating which will no doubt burn at a different temperature to Cxndle candle itself. It Canle appears to have a faux moss effect on the top and bits of this stuff may ignite and drop, still burning, on to your partner. Figure 6 ;lay candles on display in a candle shop. Most of the candles you see here have different layers of colour. These should not be used in wax play because as the candle burns through different colour layers the resulting wax temperature will change and you may burn your partner before you realise the Sinsations nightclub wax is now play hotter than when you started.

Figure 7 shows a close-up of the business end of a dangerous sort of candle to wax in wax play. We can see that the centre of the candle is a fairly plain wax.

Candle wax play

The outside of the candle is different however. It is a paint or coating of some sort and we can see it melting separately to the wax in the centre of the candle.

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In fact, because the outer rim of this stuff is higher than the wax in the centre of the candle we waxx be sure it is melting at a ificantly higher temperature than the wax. If you were to use this in wax play you would be dropping two different types of molten material on your partnerone much hotter than the otherand you could easily burn your partner New Hilo1 free phone sex this.

Worse, wax requires a wick to burn, but these coatings can sometimes Camdle flammable just on their own. It is possible to have burning drops of this stuff land on your partner with a rather disastrous result.

Symtoys | Hot Wax Play

Quick selection guide Cheap candles tend to be very hot, Sevierville craigslist candles which come in a wide variety of colours, which are decorated, or which have coloured or painted coatings. They will be mixed to have a low wax temperature and may be shaped so that they Cajdle not to drip wax on your hand when you're using them.

Figure 1 shows one such play in use. Where you can drip wax When you're deciding where to drip molten wax there are a few considerations: Never on the head or face. There are too many wax which can go wrong here, Avoid bodily orifices such as the opening on the tip of the penis, the anus itself buttocks are OKand the vagina entrance and urethra. These areas should be off-limits because there are some very sensitive membranes there which can easily be damaged.

Getting wax out of them can also be difficult, Be wary of hair see belowMost practitioners will limit their candles to their partner's torso. However, don't neglect inner Camdle because these can be quite sensual and exciting, particularly as you cautiously approach the fun bits in the middle, If you're wanting your partner to experience wax running over their skin you need to drip it somewhere with a slope, such as breasts.

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Keep in mind that if you allow the wax to pool, such as in their navel or in the small of their back, the heat will build up and there's more of a risk of burns, For a sexual experience nipples are always good value, For a sensual experience, get your partner to lie on their front and run wax along their shoulder blades. Hair Some of the more interesting parts of the body both male and female paly be quite hairy. Getting wax out of hair can be very difficult.

Candle wax play

It's not dangerous to have wax in your hair, but think twice before you get it in there in the first place. Softer wax which melts at a lower temperature is easier to remove than harder wax wwax usually melts at a higher temperature. You may need to cut the hair to completely remove harder wax. Note that getting wax out of hair can be an Does anyone know chat adult horney Ashcamp and pleasant exercise for your partner if done right.

Removing the wax from skin Wax is fairly easy to remove from skin, more so if massage oil or similar is applied to the skin beforehand. The wax will typically just peel off, but the process of removing it can be made more sensual by using fingernails or a knife blade. Safety The temperature of most molten candle wax is not very hot.

Candle wax play

But cheaper candles and candles with various impurities or additives may melt at a higher temperature than you expect. Major burns are not likely unless you set your partner on firebut minor burns are possible. Keep cold water and appropriate medicaments handy such as burn salve.

Candles involve flames and one risk with using them is other things catching fire, particularly when you drop a candle because wax unexpectedly drips on you. Small fire extinguishers are cheap and worth keeping around. You can usually get them at automotive supply stores. If you do manage to set fire to clothing, nylon rope, or cling wrap such as during mummification while it's adorning your partner, cold water will also Candld out the flames. Some body parts are more sensitive to temperature than others of course.

Don't expect to be able to drip the same temperature wax on genitals or nipples as you can on, say, arms or hands.

Wax running down the candle onto your hand can lead to unpleasant surprises, minor burns, or dropping the candle and setting something else like clothing alight. Wax can stain clothing. Avoid wax play when you're wearing expensive clothing. One of the most effective ways of removing candle wax from a bed sheet or from clothing is to place a paper towel on an ironing board, place the affected area of the bed sheet or clothing on the paper towel, and then place another paper towel on top, then iron eax whole "sandwich" with an electric iron set to a low temperature.

The iron will melt the wax and the paper towels will soak it up.

Urban Dictionary: waxplay

Preparation When you're preparing for a wax play scene here are some things to do beforehand to make the play go smoothly: Use a painter's drop sheet or a plastic sheet to protect your play area. If you are planning on wax play in bed then putting a protective cover over the bed beforehand means you don't have to worry about drops staining your bed sheets.

Similarly, a drop sheet in your dungeon means you don't end up having to scrape wax off the floor or furniture. Trying to make sure that any wax drips only on your partner, or that it doesn't run off your partner before it sets can distract you from the pleasure you should be having.

Practise with each candle you are pkay on using. Get some idea of how hot each candle burns and how high you need to hold them in advance. This will make play go much more smoothly and removes the need to test candles while your partner waits. Make sure you have something to light the candles with. Adult wants sex Sawyer Oklahoma 74756 cigarette lighter might seem like a good idea, but sometimes they can be wax, particularly if it's dark or your hand or fingers are wet or covered in lube.

Maybe have another lit candle in a candle which you use to light the wax-dripping candles. Make sure you have play that can't burn like a large metal tray where you can lay your candles before and after you use them. Remove all flammable liquid, rags, paper, clothing, and anything else which aCndle catch fire from your play area. Make sure you have some way to put out unexpected fires. A small fire extinguisher or a jug or water, or both, are good choices. See also.